Hi and welcome to our new site.
    We are all very excited here at WSI Fiji to be presenting this launch that has been 16 years in the making. As most of you know, I have been in this industry and hobby since 1972 but it was in 1998 that I started to experiment with the idea of coral farming and the manufacture of artificial live rock that has become an industry standard today.
    By creating the world’s first coral and rock farm we gained the attention of the industry in many other countries of the tropical world. Back in 2001 a representative from a Bali distributor requested a visit to Fiji to observe and lean what we were doing and the now familiar Bali aquaculture corals started hitting the market about one year later. At the time I took a lot of criticism for allowing this to happen but my attitude has always been to share what we learn for the good of our industry worldwide and promote sustainable activities whenever we can.
    As the years went on we have always remained steady to the central idea of my vision to develop and promote sustainable products and the core of this idea started stretching out in many directions.
    We now come to REEFPROJECT2.0 and on this site you will see our efforts collaborated and combined as a separate arm of the Walt Smith International family under one umbrella. The goal here is to bring you a little closer to the focus of our aquaculture efforts and how it affects and benefits not only our industry but also the rural communities in which we work.
    It’s about time to bring all of these achievements under one roof to explore, educate, learn and dream.
    Please enjoy the site that we take great pride in presenting and I hope you will watch it grow through the coming months and years.